Garage Door Repair

Fred Peters

My garage door was having trouble opening and closing properly. It seemed like it was moving super slowly and sometimes it would stop here and there as it was working. I called Affordable Garage Door Repair Scarborough and they sent a technician out to quickly help me. He found the problem to be the motor in my opener and had it fixed in no time, thank you so much for the knowledgeable garage door repair staff you have on hand!

Garage Door Installation

Rose Graff

After a few years of putting it off, I decided it was finally time to give my home a little face-lift and get a new garage door installation. I called Affordable Garage Door Repair Scarborough after seeing the work they did for my neighbor, and they do not disappoint. The entire service process was smooth, it was affordable, and the new door looks great!

Garage Door Opener Replacement

Dan Moyers

My garage door opener was making this horrible noise every time I opened or closed my garage door. Just recently it started emitting a weird, almost burning smell. That was the last straw. I set up an appointment with Affordable Garage Door Repair Scarborough after looking through a few companies online and the service was spectacular. They accommodated all my needs, the pricing was fair, and they quickly discovered I needed a garage door opener replacement. Thank you for the help!

Garage Door Track and Roller Repair

Amber Harvey

I just moved into my house and the crazy rattling noise my garage door makes each time I’m opening and closing it was absolutely killing me. I called Affordable Garage Door Repair Scarborough and they sent a tech out who lubricated my tracks and replaced my old, noisy metal rollers with sleek, quiet plastic ones. Thank you so much for the garage door track and roller fix up, it’s amazing how such a small fix makes a huge difference!

Emergency Garage Door Repair

Nelson Farro

I was teaching my son how to play darts in our garage and he accidentally threw one right into our garage door opener. A few sparks flew out and there was a low hissing noise coming out of it, so I just decided to go ahead and look up a few emergency garage door repair companies in the area that could come out and help right away. Affordable Garage Door Repair Scarborough was the only company that said they could be out in under an hour, so I gave them the green light. So happy I called them, the technician was out quickly, repaired the motor within my garage door opener and had everything working properly before my wife got home. Perfect job guys!

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Nina Malone 

I wasn’t paying attention the other morning while on my way out to work and I somehow managed to completely plow into the bottom half of my garage door. I just swore I was going to have to replace the entire door, but upon calling Affordable Garage Door Repair Scarborough out, I found out much to my surprise that I only needed the bottom two panels replaced. Thank you so much for your honesty and helping me choose the more affordable route of the garage door panel replacement rather than getting the entire door replaced. I highly recommend these guys!


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